20 Most Valuable Music Stars Revealed, According to This Interesting Analysis!

Stock market trading platform Stake has created virtual stock prices for the brands of the world’s hottest music artists to highlight who has the highest market value right now.

These numbers were found using a number of different analysis metrics including: streaming data, awards won, Billboard Hot 100 entries, brand deals and social media following. Stake was able to attribute a theoretical stock price to each artist’s brand using a stock price algorithm, and data on this list is really interesting.

The top five stars on this list – three men and two women – should be of no surprise as they are some of the biggest acts in the world! The rest of list contains so much star power as well. The number one star on this list has so many chart-topping hits, it should come as no surprise!

Click through the slideshow to see the 20 most-valuable music stars, based on their brands’ stock prices…

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