90 Day Fiance star Jay Smith free after nearly a month behind bars in ICE detention

90 Day Fiance’s Ashley Martson doesn’t need to muse about how she could get Jay Smith out of the detention center anymore because as of just a few hours ago, he is a free man.

After spending most of July in lockup, Jay was not deported back to Jamaica and instead walked out of court on Wednesday.

Jay Smith’s first few moments of freedom were caught on film and shared on Kayla’s Instagram. She is the young woman that Ashley claims is his possibly pregnant “stripper girlfriend.”

In the video, she is seen getting out of the car and running up to Jay before they embrace. In that clip, she certainly doesn’t look pregnant but stranger things have happened.


Around the same time Kayla shared the video of Jay leaving the government building, he also added a photo to his own Instagram account, an indication that he is truly back out of custody now.

The timing of Jay Smith’s release couldn’t be better. Just one day prior, his estranged wife Ashley Martson bragged that she could get him released from custody in just one day if she wanted to.

However, Ashley said that in order to do that, she would have to adjust his green card status and thus, she would be responsible for him and possibly even for any children that he makes for the next 10 years.

So far, Ashley hasn’t commented on Jay’s release on social media. And as much as Jay’s friends and fans would probably love to welcome him back, comments have been turned off on his latest post.

He’s received quite a bit of love in the comments of his few other photos that are still posted. Even Larissa Dos Santos Lima took the time to comment and welcome Jay back now that he is free.

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