A$AP Rocky Could Be Held for Weeks After Arrest in Sweden

A$AP Rocky is in even more trouble than we thought, because Swedish authorities have just made it clear … they have no plans to release him anytime soon.

Swedish prosecutors are asking a judge to allow them to hold A$AP Rocky and members of his crew for 2 weeks, while they investigate the alleged assault Tuesday for which he was arrested. Swedish authorities are normally allowed to keep people for only 3 days, so they are clearly gunning for him.

And, there’s even more ominous news. As you know, authorities jumped into action after a video surfaced of A$AP and his crew pummeling a guy on the street, leaving him battered and bloodied.

But then, another video surfaced, showing the alleged victim harassing A$AP and hitting his bodyguard with a set of headphones. The guy was harassing A$AP and his crew for about a half hour before they had enough.

A$AP actually tried to be a peacemaker … telling the guy, “We don’t wanna fight y’all. We don’t wanna go to jail.”

It’s unclear if authorities saw that second video before they arrested A$AP, but they have seen it now. What’s really significant … Swedish prosecutors tell us they are releasing the bodyguard now due to “insufficient evidence” but they are not releasing A$AP. That suggests the second video doesn’t do it for prosecutors, and they still view this as an assault.

This is really serious for A$AP … if convicted, he faces 6 years in prison. 

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