Aaron Rodgers Defends Hugging Erin Andrews After Socially-Distanced Interview

The Green Bay Packers quarterback is not sorry for breaking the COVID protocols by sharing a hug with the sportscaster at the end of their interview, during which they had to stay 6 feet apart.

AceShowbizAaron Rodgers is once again defending his controversial view on COVID-19. The NFL star has spoken up after he drew backlash for hugging Erin Andrews during a socially-distanced interview on television.

“Look, I’ve known EA [Erin Andrews] for a long time and I think the whole thing is obviously a little bit strange,” Aaron said during his weekly appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” on Tuesday, January 4. “You’ve got to do some eight-feet-apart interview and that’s my friend.”

“[But] that’s the same way I’d hug a friend seeing them on the field, or hug a guy on the opposing team that you have respect for and you play against,” the quarterback explained. He went on defending the friendly gesture, “Look, I do what I’m told in those situations about keeping distance, but I’m a hugger and I enjoy seeing my friends postgame.”

Shortly after the Green Bay Packers’ 24-20 win over the Cleveland Browns on December 25, Aaron and Erin held a brief interview, during which they stood at least six feet apart. At the end of the interview, however, the athlete and the Fox Sports sideline reporter bridged the gap, exchanged a high-five and briefly hugged.

Social media users were left baffled by their gesture. “Erin Andrews stood like 10 feet from Aaron Rodgers on camera. Interview ends. Erin Andrews hugs Aaron Rodgers. All on national TV. And we wonder why the country is confused as hell,” one pointed out.

A second user sarcastically remarked, “Thank goodness Aaron Rodgers and Erin Andrews kept six feet apart during the interview to stay safe … before exchanging a hug together afterward.” A third echoed the sentiment, “*Holds socially distanced interview* *Hugs immediately after interview* Makes sense.”

“Erin Andrews stands 10-feet away then hugs Aaron Rodgers. It’s all a show people,” someone blasted the two public figures. A fifth added, “So the @NFLonFOX’s #ErinAndrews does a social distance interview with @AaronRodgers12 than when she thought the cameras were not on her she hugs AROD?…Total media Bulls**t again!!”

“Erin Andrews hugging Aaron Rodgers at the end of a socially distanced interview is the TV equivalent of wearing your mask on the way to the table and then taking it off for the rest of the meal,” someone criticized, while one other laughed off the debacle, “Erin Andrews and Aaron Rodgers have to do an interview separated by 10 ft because of Covid Optics. After they interview is over they high five and hug. Hahahhaha.”

Erin has not addressed the “hug-gate” controversy.

Back in November 2021, Aaron was placed on the COVID-19 reserve list after catching the virus. He landed in hot water for claiming that he was “immunized” during a preseason interview, while in fact he had not been vaccinated.

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