Alaskan Bush People: Season 10 Trailer, Premiere Date Revealed!

We’ve known for months now that Alaskan Bush People was renewed for Season 10.

Now, we finally have a premiere date — and it’s sooner than most fans expected.

What’s more is that the first-ever teaser trailer for Season 10 is already promising a lot. Take a look:

The teaser trailer of course opens with Bear Brown, howling in the wildnerness.

Then, among a series of glimpses at the family on their sprawling property, the narration becomes a bit more verbal.

“For all of us,” Bam Bam says. “It’s really important at this point in life to have our own piece of land.”

“What we’re doing here is symbolizing the future of the Browns,” he expresses.

And there are a lot of things to accomplish.

“We’re back guys,” family patriarch Billy Brown announces triumphantly.

He then lays out what needs to get done — and the timeline in which they have to accomplish their construction.

“It’s really important each one of the guys,” Billy explains. “They have their houses finished before the snow locks us up.”

Building multiple houses in that time frame with a small team? That’s no easy feat under the best of circumstances.

But as Alaskan Bush People viewers have seen, the family has a lot of experience with construction.

At another point, viewers see Gabe Brown give a hard, honest look at his surroundings.

“This is going to be a long, hard winter,” he predicts.

Gabe is the first to admit: I don’t know what to expect.”

Fortunately, fans can guess that they’ll get more of the Brown Family content that they’ve been enjoying for years.

Other flashes show Ami cradling her grandbaby, so fans who’ve grown more attached to the family than to their lifestyle will have plenty of good content.

Some of the sensational elements that first lured viewers to the show no longer really apply.

It’s hard to think of people as “roughing it” when they’re a family of millionaires on their own 435-acre property.

Especially when they also have a mansion in Beverly Hills.

And Alaskan Bush People is no longer even filmed in Alaska.

But part of the magic of reality television is that people start identifying with these families.

Watching them grow and love becomes more important than watching them built a shelter.

A number of fans immediately replied to this teaser with questions about Matt.

Multiple rumors have alleged that he is feuding with his family — not all of them, necessarily. Possibly only with his father.

After handling some sobriety issues late last year, he took some time away from the new homestead.

It sounds like he and Billy had some sort of falling out after that.

Fans would be delighted to see him — and it may be that the teaser deliberately did not show him.

Plenty will tune in just to see how things are with Matt.

Season 10 premieres on Sunday, August 4.

For obvious family reasons, the Browns have had fewer episodes in recent years.

Each season, however short, is a blessing for fans.

It’s also a blessing for the network — Alaskan Bush People remains hugely popular.

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