Are Britney Spears & Sam Asghari Already Married?! Because He Just Posted A Jaw-Dropping Claim!

Soooooo is Britney Spears already married to her man, or what?!

The pop star — who officially turned 40 years old on Thursday, BTW! — is walking back fiancé (husband?) Sam Asghari‘s most recent social media post after he suspiciously let it drop that the Toxic singer is allegedly his WIFE! So what is going on?!

It all started on Wednesday afternoon, when Asghari posted a pair of pictures to Instagram showing himself and Spears standing in the doorway of an airplane about to head off on a vacation, hugging each other and kissing.

Along with the pics themselves, the 27-year-old Iranian-born man posted an eye-opening caption that got a LOT of people chattering on social media (below):

“I call you Lioness because I admire your relentless strength, I’m inspired by your beautiful heart, I celebrate your smile that lights up my world. Everyday is your birthday my queen. Happy 1st birthday to my wife”


Did these two get married secretly and just didn’t tell anybody or something??? Heck, they’ve only been engaged for two months, so, what’s going on?! Immediately, fans picked up on the unusual use of the word “wife” when they otherwise would have expected, ya know, “fiancée.” As you can see (below), the reaction that came in was swift and serious:

“wife???? Omg”

“wait did y’all get married??”

“Wife??? When??? Congratulations!!!”




Sensing a pattern yet, y’all?? Seriously, though, it’s got us wondering, too!

Ever aware of what’s going on online regarding her fans, the Baby One More Time singer quickly attempted to clear up the “wife” kerfuffle with her own re-post of both of those same pics. In the post on her own Instagram account, Spears showed off the same private plane pics and added this comment about it all:

“Oh the precious joy today!!! Me and my fiancé are so excited to be going away … God thank you for being able to go out of the country !!!! I am blessed !!!!”

Blessed and… not married, then?! Obviously, Brit specifically calls Sam her “fiancé” in this post, which you can see in full (below):

A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears)

Soooo which is it, exactly, then?!

An hour after her first post (and Sam’s “wife” whopper), Brit shared a video clip from the same spot on the private jet, capturing a sweet moment between her and her man while the engines roared on the tarmac around ’em:

A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears)


That’s adorable!

Still, that initial “wife” comment has us feeling some type of way…

What should we make of it, Perezcious readers?! Is Sam just trolling with something like that, knowing it will grab headlines?? Did he f**k up and reveal a secret about their alleged nuptials?! Or nah?!

Sound OFF with your take on this situation down in the comments (below)…

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