Arnold Schwarzenegger Is the Social Media Self-Help Guru We Didn’t Know We Needed

Along with actor, bodybuilder, and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger can now add “influencer” to his ever-growing resume. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the action movie legend has partnered with Snapchat to host his own TV show, a motivational series called Rules of Success, in which he will offer advice and inspiration to viewers.

Rules of Success is just one in a line-up of shows that Snapchat has planned, part of the platform’s huge recent investment into original programming. While the app primarily has a very young user base (it is reported to reach 90 per cent of 13 to 24 year olds), Snap is keen to bring together a mix of traditional talent for whom this is a whole new market.

Other celebrities joining the Snapchat stable include tennis superstar Serena Williams and actor and comedian Kevin Hart, along with influencers who will likely feel more at home on Snapchat, like YouTube star Rickey Thompson. Sean Mills, Snapchat’s Senior Director of Content, calls the new Creator Shows programming initiative an “opportunity to bring creators into a more premium content experience” and says that “the creator community has been an increasing priority” for the company.

This move makes a certain amount of sense, especially as media companies continue to invest huge amounts of money into original video content. Instead of trying to cultivate an ecosystem of creators from scratch in the hope that one of them will become the next social media star à la PewDiePie, why not just bring in an all-star line-up of existing personalities whose established fan bases will follow them onto the platform? Getting superstars like Schwarzenegger and Williams to appear in content exclusive to Snapchat is a sure-fire way to bring in users outside of that 13 to 24 demographic.

If nothing else, Arnie deserves to have a more positive experience with social media, after a video of him getting kicked to the ground at a sports festival went viral earlier this year.

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