Black Teen, Family Evacuate Home Due to Death Threats Over Cop Mounting Her

The Black teen who was mounted by a white cop in Texas has evacuated her home — along with the rest of her family — following death threats over the viral video.

18-year-old Nekia Trigg is the woman in the troubling video, and her mother, Antanique Ray, and a few other family members have left their Forney, TX home … fearing retaliation from local citizens and even law enforcement … according to Nekia’s attorney, Kim T. Cole.

Cole says a slew of the death threats were made via social media, including direct messages telling the family they got what they deserved during the incident with police. Cole advised the family to lay off social media while everything unfolds — she’s expecting the threats to increase.

We’re told Antanique got arrested for an alleged altercation with cops as they escorted Nekia away in cuffs, but the day after she and the family packed their bags and went to an undisclosed location.

As for why the family fears law enforcement will retaliate … we’re told they have a general fear of the Kaufman County Sheriff’s deputies after prior experiences close family friends have had with them.

We’re told Nekia, who just graduated from HS, is worried about her mother facing jail time and fears she may have no place to live if Antanique has to serve time behind bars.

Cole says she plans to file a civil rights lawsuit on Nekia’s behalf against Kaufman County and Deputy Conner Martin … who literally straddled her and held her arms down above her head as she screamed saying she couldn’t breathe.

Cops say they’d gotten reports Nekia was walking in front of cars, attempting to harm herself … but the family refutes that.

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