‘Brexit is the Matrix?’ Keanu Reeves caused meltdown with Parliament visit after EU exit

Keanu Reeves recalls filming Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

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Keanu is a guest on The Graham Norton Show tonight at 10:35pm on BBC One, promoting his new film. The Hollywood star will be returning to his greatest sci-fi role in ‘The Matrix Resurrections’, which is in cinemas from the 22nd December. The film, directed by the legendary Lana Wachowski, sees protagonist Neo’s life take an unexpected turn as he finds himself back inside the Matrix.

Also joining Graham Norton is Oscar-winning ‘The Crown’ star Olivia Colman while fellow Oscar winner Mahershala Ali also makes an appearance to promote futuristic drama ‘Swan Song’.

Comedian Jack Whitehall and actress Jennifer Lawrence, who star in new sci-fi satire ‘Don’t Look Up’, will also join Graham on the celebrated chat show.

Meanwhile, music will be provided by Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, who performs his new single ‘Fall in Love Again.’

Keanu is one of the most adored actors in Hollywood on account of his humble nature and philanthropic pursuits. 

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When the actor was pictured wandering around the Houses of Parliament just days after the Brexit referendum in 2016, he sent Twitter into meltdown.

Keanu was spotted posing for selfies at Portcullis House, which sparked a number of rumours as to why the actor was paying the Commons a visit. 

Ed Vaizey, who at the time was Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy tweeted: “Brexit explained ‒ it’s the Matrix.”

Nicola Sturgeon’s special adviser Callum Mccaig also said: “Just walked past Keanu Reeves in Parliament. 

“I think we must have taken the red pill.”

The term ‘red pill’ or ‘blue pill’ refer to a choice that Keanu’s character must make in The Matrix, between the willingness to learn a potentially life-changing truth with the red pill, or to remain in blissful ignorance by taking the blue pill.

Of course, other films from Keanu’s three decade career received mentions in response to the actor’s Parliament visit. 

Twitter user Brooke McMaster said: “Keanu Reeves randomly showing up to British Parliament is the Bill and Ted sequel we always wanted.”

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Jamie Reed chose to make reference to the actor’s 1991 surf action flick ‘Point Break’, saying: “Just bumped into Keanu Reeves (seriously) in the lobby.

“‘What’s happening?’ he asked.

“‘Point Break.’ I replied”

Ultimately, Sky reporter Beth Rigby revealed that the actor had been invited to Parliament as a guest of Conservative MP for Stratford-on-Avon, Nadhim Zahawi, who is now Education Secretary.

Conservative MP Mark Pritchard subsequently confirmed this by tweeting out: “Met Keanu Reeves today to discuss expanding film production in [the] West Midlands, not just in London.”

The actor had been in the UK filming for 2020 film ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ which was, in part, set in London.

This month Keanu and co-star Carrie-Anne Moss reprise their roles as Neo and Trinity in the fourth instalment of The Matrix franchise.

The film’s latest trailer, released on Tuesday, shows the stars involved in some major set piece action scenes from rooftops, to speeding bullet trains. 

There is also some reality bending martial arts as Neo blasts a person through the air with a wave of energy.

He then huffs: “I still know kung fu.”

Watch The Graham Norton Show tonight at 10:35pm on BBC One.

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