Budweiser’s Best Clydesdale Horses Super Bowl Commercials – WATCH NOW!

Budweiser will not be airing a commercial during the 2021 Super Bowl, which sadly means that we won’t be treated to a new Clydesdale Horses ad.

The horses are beloved by fans around the world and these commercials are usually some of the best ones ever year. Since there won’t be a new one this year, we’ve rounded up some of the brand’s best ones from the past for you to watch right here.

Sometimes, the company has even mixed the beloved puppy commercials with the horse ones and they are some of the best ads that Budweiser has ever made.

Who else tears up whenever you watch the “Puppy Love” commercial featuring the love between a horse and a dog?!

WHICH ONE IS YOUR favorite commercial featuring the Clydesdale Horses?


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