Cardi B Admits to ‘Hitting and S**t Talking’ Offset While Defending ‘Dysfunctional’ Marriage

Hitting back at one fan who calls the Migos member an ‘abuser,’ the female emcee says in a since-deleted post, ‘Girl I’m the one that do the hitting and s**t talking.’

AceShowbizCardi B continued to defend her decision to get back together with Offset, though it appeared she accidentally revealed something that should be kept hidden from the world. Hitting back at a fan who called the Migos member an “abuser,” the female emcee responded by saying that she was actually the one who got physical with him.

The said fan said on Twitter on Friday, October 16, “I know it’s all jokes but Offset is an abuser. Textbook emotional abuser. When she tries to leave he manipulates.” Not having any of it, Cardi clapped back, “Abusive? Girl I’m the one that do the hitting and s**t talking. I’m just a crazy b***h one day I wanna smack a n***a and leave the next week I wanna his ride his face and get the cum rag. Ya be trying to analyze us too much we are simply dysfunctional.”

In a separate post, the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker once again made it clear that Offset never manipulated her. Instead, it was her own choice to get back together with Offset because she missed having sex with him. “So unless ya finna lend me ya fathers for a day stop with that bulls**t,” she said.

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Both posts, however, have since been removed from her page.

Still, it doesn’t mean she stopped defending their marriage. Hopping back to the blue bird site, she shared an audio clip of her saying, “I just hate when people start using certain words too loosely… When y’all start using the word ‘abusive,’ I’m not in a physical abusive relationship. I’m not in a mental[ly] abusive relationship. I have choice.”

“If I wanna go to an extreme to teach a n***a a f**king lesson and f**king file for divorce I could do that. It’s my life,” she added. “Y’all don’t even live with us… Y’all don’t know the f**k we be goin’ through.”

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