Christine McGuinness to tell all on fertility troubles and anorexia battle in new book

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Christine McGuinness has announced she is releasing a tell-all autobiography later this year entitled A Beautiful Nightmare.

The book, which hits shelves 9 November, will delve into many topics the TV personality hasn't spoken about before including her anorexia battle, fertility troubles, marriage to husband Paddy McGuinness and tough childhood.

“Writing a book is not something I ever expected to come my way," Christine admitted.

"I never thought anyone would be interested in me. I’m nervous about people getting to know me and my background, but because of that, I saw this as an opportunity that I couldn’t turn down because it’s a real pinch me moment to write my story.

She continued: "My husband has been in the public eye for over 20 years, and for over a decade I’ve been referred to as Paddy‘s wife, which I love and I’m proud of, but I’ve been to big red carpet events where I’ve got to the table and my name place has said ‘Paddy‘s wife’!

"It’s only recently that I’ve been recognised as Christine, but I’ve been Christine for 33 years so there’s a lot of my life with untold stories that people don’t know about."

Christine is a mum-of-three, to eight-year-old twins Leo and Penelope, and Felicity, four, who have all been diagnosed with autism and, of course, the difficulties and joys of motherhood will be documented in the book.

The 33-year-old added: "Most people will know that I’ve got three amazing children who are all autistic, so I suppose my experience of parenthood has been a completely different journey to a lot of parents, but it’s been a really positive inspiring journey that’s had some challenges along the way, and I feel like that’s how my whole life has been."

The stunning star also adds that she hopes the book will "inspire people" and is very much a "rags to riches" tale.

"There have been times in life that have been a complete nightmare, but also beautiful too," she explained.

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