City Girls’ JT to Walk Out of Jail in Three Months, According to QC Co-Founder

Fans of the rap duo are obviously relieved to hear the news, especially because many of them believe that the 26-year-old female emcee is the ‘backbone’ of the group.

AceShowbiz -It looks like JT will be able to breathe fresh air sooner than expected. The one-half of City Girls, who has been in jail on fradulent credit card charges, is said to be released within the next three months. Pierre “Pee” Thomas, the co-founder of Quality Control, was the first to break the news during an interview with radio personality Supa Cindy.

“JT will be home within the next 90 days,” so he said. Pee, however, didn’t provide other details about the female emcee’s supposedly impending release.

Fans of City Girls are obviously relieved to hear the news, especially because many of them believed that JT is the “backbone” of the rap duo. One even took this chance to take a dig at her groupmate Yung Miami as writing, “She’s the one who writes both their lyrics, she is the one who wanted to start the group and she has a much better flow.” In response to the said user, Miami wrote, “JT don’t write for me sweetie!!! Never did!”

JT is currently being held in Federal Correctional Institution Tallahassee on fradulent credit card charges after turning herself in to the authorities back in June last year. During her prison stay, the raptress received support from several celebrities who were displeased with her incarceration. Trina once wore a “Free JT” T-shirt, while Drake voiced his displeasure by writing on Instagram, “Damn free my shorty.”

She recently filed a motion to be released to a halfway house nine months before her federal sentence ends on March 21, 2020, but the court denied the motion last month, citing the fact that it is up to the Bureau of Prisons to determine who gets released from prison early.

If Pee was saying the truth, that means the Bureau of Prisons possibly granted her motion.

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