Claudia Jordan & Too Short Don't Support Trump, Despite Press Release

President Trump is garnering public support from some black celebrities and hip-hop artists, but Claudia Jordan and Too Short want everyone to know they’re not part of that group … despite a very misleading press release.

Here’s the deal — a press release went out Monday about Trump inviting a “prominent group of African-American actors and entertainers” to the White House in December to discuss issues facing the Black community and the President’s proposed Platinum Plan.

According to the announcement, the December meeting would be attended by the stars of an upcoming documentary called “Trump vs. Hollywood” — including rappers Eric B., Money-B, actor Isaiah Washington and the film’s director, Daphne Barak. The documentary seems to be very pro-Trump.

That’s where Claudia and Too Short come in, as their names are listed as being part of “Trump vs. Hollywood” alongside names of some well-known Trump supporters … like Kid Rock, Dean Cain and Scott Baio.

It definitely reads like all of the celebs are endorsing the Prez, but as both the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star and the rapper point out … that’s not the case.

They both say they were asked to do an interview by Barak and agreed to it, but in no way does that mean they support Trump. Claudia says the film director presented it as talking to people on both sides of the political aisle.

Too Short adds that he’s about to go vote — NOT for Trump — and says in the past few weeks he’s also been asked to fly to D.C. to meet with Trump or hop on a phone call with someone on his team.

He says he rejected both offers and, without naming names, throws some serious shade at fellow rappers who have taken the Trump meeting for what he believes is just a photo op.

Too Short’s claim echoes what Rich The Kid recently said too — that Trump tried to send him a private jet to fly him to his Michigan rally to buy his support.

Claudia says this all appears to be a “mad dash” to get black rappers to endorse Trump, but she and Too Short are warning everyone … don’t be fooled.

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