Coronation Street star Lucy-Jo Hudson reveals diagnosis after emergency hospital dash

Coronation Street star Lucy-Jo Hudson has shared that she was diagnosed with Chronic Anaemia, just days after she was rushed into hospital.

Last week, Lucy-Jo, 40, was taken to hospital needing two blood transfusions after her HB levels "were dangerously low", and having now returned home she has shared a second update with fans.

Sharing a number of snaps to her Instagram, including one of herself in hospital, the soap star wrote: "Life lately!!! Well it’s been a crazy time of late…. But I can finally say I am now fully on the mend!

"Thankyou for all your gorgeous and thoughtful messages, you don’t know how much I appreciate your kindness."

Sharing her diagnosis, Lucy-Jo continued: "Sooooo long story short, I was very short of breath last week, having chest pains and it turned out my HB levels were scarily low!!!

"They should have been between 115-155, and mine were 67…. my iron levels should have been 38-48 but they were 1.5!!! I’ve been diagnosed with 'Chronic Anaemia'.

"I’m still looking into what’s causing all of this! But thanks to the amazing staff at Salford Royal, I was immediately put on the emergency assessment unit and given 2 blood transfusions, my HB levels have gone up to 94 so I can breath again, and my iron levels (now I’m on medication for that) are slowly going up, so my health is heading in the right direction!!!"

Adding that she now feels much better, she quipped: "I’m ready to get back to some sort of routine now… Which is a good thing cos the kids have just broken up for half term. Honestly….. how is it the school holidays again?"

Lucy-Jo's own healthcare comes just a few months after the mum of two revealed that her three-year-old son Carter was taken to Ormskirk Hospital in Lancashire after going into anaphylactic shock from eating a snack containing traces of nuts.

Telling her fans about the terrifying ordeal, the actress wrote on Instagram: "Carter was 18 months. He was in the trolley, eating snacks while I was getting tea with Sienna, and he suddenly looked at me, and I knew something was severely wrong.

"He went grey, his mouth went blue, and he started to go all limp. He was struggling to catch his breath. God, did my heart sink.

"I literally grabbed him out of the trolley, abandoned the shopping, and Sienna and I just ran to my car.

"I strapped him in his car seat (which was awful because at this point he was going in and out of consciousness, and his skin was going all mottled, and I couldn't hold him close as I had to drive to A&E."

The mum-of-two admitted she feared her son might not make it and added: "Nurse after nurse came in, doctors round him, oxygen mask on, adrenaline in his leg, honestly the room was full of nurses trying to bring him round! It was the most terrifying moment of my life."

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