Dane Cook Talks Being A 'Target' Over 26-Year Age Gap With Fiancée Kelsi Taylor: 'You Can't Really Hurt Us'

Dane Cook doesn’t care what people think about his relationship with Kelsi Taylor!

Of course, eyebrows were raised when the 50-year-old comedian proposed to the 24-year-old fitness instructor back in July. But now that they are engaged and planning a wedding together, the standup star doesn’t care what people have to say about the 26-year age gap between them!

For one, the Boston-born actor explained that he and Kelsi were both keen on making light of the age difference from the start of their time together. That way, Dane explained to People in a new chat released on Thursday afternoon, the couple could head off any criticism before it really hit home. The Good Luck Chuck actor told the outlet:

“Being able to poke fun at it and have some jokes at our own expense, I think it prepared us for what was going to happen. Which is people were going to put us as a target, so if we make the joke first and we’re laughing at it, you can’t really hurt us with that.”

Of course, the duo has a long history together even with their age difference. Cook and Taylor first got together five years ago, and it seems like they’ve been happy ever since leading up to July’s proposal.

The whole way through, the comedy writer and the fitness instructor have understood there would be lots of commentary from fans and social media users. And they don’t seem to care what others have to say!! The Waiting alum explained how he and Kelsi use the age split as a point to poke fun at each other within the cozy confines of their connection:

“We knew going into the relationship, we knew that people would have an opinion in the public eye. But mostly, we were very early making jokes where I would say something like, ‘I’d love to have a family,’ and she would say, ‘Oh, I’d love to have a family when I’m young,’ and I’d say, ‘Well, I’d like that as well because I’d like to hold my children on my death bed.’”


He also revealed how Kelsi has a surprisingly sharp sense of humor herself. Which is something totally necessary if you’re going to be with Dane Cook! The Vicious Circle star added:

“She has an incredible sense of humor like I do. People don’t see it as much because she’s very chill, but she’s got a savage sense of humor. You want to roast? You want to sit and watch a Real Housewives with her. She is tremendously funny, and so being able to poke fun at it and have some jokes at our own expense, I think it prepared us for what was going to happen.”

Damn, throwing shade during episodes of Real Housewives?! OK, it sounds like we might actually have some things in common with her then. LOLz!

Cook is speaking out now in part to promote his new comedy special Above It All. Released on his website for all to see, and directed by Marty Callner, it is an hour-long performance held in a very private place: the backyard of the couple’s Hollywood Hills home! Referencing how he uses the special to address his relationship, his work, and how he’s recently dealt with several stalkers in his private life (eek!), Cook said:

“It’s something we still deal with. I deal with anxiety, and that kept me worried. I was kind of on that place where I wanted to make sure she was safe. I wanted to make sure we were safe and we were dealing with somebody who was unhinged. I want to always push the limits of comedy, but I’m also very understanding of what that means when you start going towards that territory.”

Dane sure is pushing the limits, all right. Arguably in more ways than one… What do U make of this age gap discourse, Perezcious readers?? Will U be checking out Dane’s new special to hear more about it from his POV?!

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