Did Jill Duggar go to college? Derick Dillard says she did!

Jill Duggar has found herself in the middle of a social media controversy once again. Derick Dillard shared photos of what the family did over the weekend, and from there, things took a turn downhill.

One follower asked if Jill Duggar went to college. Derick Dillard responded that she did. This was news to fans as Jill hasn’t exactly been talking about her college courses or higher education while filming 19 Kids and Counting or Counting On.

There were several back and forth comments, and Derick Dillard was going to bat for his wife. He confirmed that she went to college and apparently, Jill Duggar has a degree in theology. Who knew?

It is unclear whether or not Jill Duggar actually went to college or if she just took some online courses. She did some studying to be a midwife, but her certification has been in question following her mentor losing her license after a fatal accident.


Did Jill Duggar really get a degree under the radar? Derick Dillard says she did. This has been an interesting revelation given the family has lived in the public eye for so long and no mention of anything like this has been made before.

Could there be more to the story than meets the eye? In the Duggar world, anything is possible!

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