Donald Trump Trolls Bill Maher After Maher Delivers Trump Eulogy

Donald Trump was not happy with Bill Maher‘s show last Friday night, and we’re guessing it’s because Maher delivered a blistering fake eulogy of 45.

Trump tweeted, “Watched @billmaher last week for the first time in a long time. He’s totally SHOT, looks terrible, exhausted, gaunt and weak. If there was ever a good reason for no shutdown, check out this jerk. He never had much going for him, but whatever he did have is missing in action.”

Well, check out why Trump’s so upset. The eulogy was as brilliant as it was biting.

FACT … Maher and co. have figured out how to do COVID shows better than anyone else in show biz. The show is shot from his backyard, but they’ve figured out a way to keep it super lively with hysterical, fake audience reactions, great transitions and super interesting convos.

If you haven’t watched the eulogy video … check it out. It’s fantastic.

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