Ed Sheeran Talks to Elton John Every Day After Pals Death

The ‘Shivers’ singer will forever be grateful for the Rocketman’s support as the veteran musician calls to check up on him every day after he struggled to cope with a friend’s death.

AceShowbizEd Sheeran and Elton John talk on the phone “every single day.”

The pop star leans on Elton for career and life advice, and he even turned to the “Rocketman” hitmaker after his showbiz pal, music promoter Michael Gudinski, passed away in March (21) at the age of 68.

Ed – whose daughter, Lyra, was born in August last year (20) – told Britain’s The Sun newspaper, “I say this to people and they think I’m lying or exaggerating, but Elton calls me every single day.”

“He used to ring me about once a month – well, we do it on FaceTime via iPad because neither of us ­has a phone. Then when Lyra was born it became more like weekly – he’s a dad as well and he’d check in.”

“But then when Michael died he rang me the day after and I just broke down and cried. And from that day – I spoke to him this morning, yesterday – no word of a lie, every single day he’s rung me. Whether it’s a half-hour chat or two minutes, he always checks up on me.”

Ed explained that Elton is always happy to offer advice to younger musicians and described the chart-topping icon – who is one of the best-selling musicians of all time – as an “amazing human.”

“He is incredible,” he gushed. “I will never hear a bad word said about him. He is such a beautiful soul, an amazing human, and I know I’m not the only person he does that to.”

“He’s so connected with artists. He had Sam Fender stay with him recently. He told me about the Kid Laroi about three years ago, long before anyone else was on to him – he’s so plugged in.”

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