Emilia Clarke rids herself of birthday fear by jumping out of plane

If like Emilia Clarke you get that niggling fear of turning a year older, then she has the perfect way to banish those birthday blues.

Naturally, the idea of getting older can be a little scary. Emilia, who turned 34 years old on Friday, likens it to an ‘existential terror’ so you can understand why she was committed to doing everything she could to try and shake it off.

Her theory was matching that fear with a fear of another kind and her weapon of choice was, well, throwing herself out of a plane.

Taking to Instagram, the Game Of Thrones actress revealed she had treated herself to a sky dive on her birthday and it turned out to be the ‘most exhilarating experience’ of her life.

Her face was a picture as she finally touched back down on the grass below, after hurtling through the sky, and honestly her snaps have got us wanting to chase our own adrenaline fix.

Emilia captioned her fun post: ‘What could match the profound existential terror of another birthday? Jumping out of a goddamn plane is what 😎.’

She added the hashtags: ‘#whosaysyoucanonlyflydragons? #freeeeeeeeeefaaaalllliiiinnnggggg#myfacialexpressionstellyouallyouneedtoknow
#mymothermyhero #birthdaybluestakeapunch.’

‘Thank you Hinton Sky Diving for the most exhilarating experience of my life,’ Emilia added.

When she’s not giving us life with her post-sky dive pictures, Emilia has been giving us the Game Of Thrones anecdotes we all need – including one where she recalled hitting back at the show’s producers for critiquing her performance as Daenerys Targaryen.

Especially at the end of the eighth and final season were Dany was seen descending into the Mad Queen, as Emilia claims she would often remind producers and directors that her character was still human.

Convinced she knew Dany best, Emilia recalled: ‘There was a number of times I was like, “Why are you giving me that note?” While I am quite consistently a “How can I help?” kind of person, there were a few moments where I was like, “Don’t tell me what to do with my girl. I know what to do!”

‘It’s like Daenerys’s calling card became cold expressionlessness. I always wanted to infuse that with some humanity because no one’s consistently like that,’ she revealed in a new book Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon: Game Of Thrones and the Official Untold Story of the Epic Series.

‘I would sometimes fight back a little,’ she admitted, revealing she had said: ‘I get that she has to be steely and unforgiving and a powerful force. But in this moment she’s also a goddam human being. So I’m going to give you that and I really pray that you take that in the edit.’

Emilia played Daenerys for nearly a decade on the hit HBO series, with the breakout role shooting her to fame when Game Of Thrones first aired in 2011.

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