Erica Mena Is So Upset ‘Bitter’ Women Keep Calling Safaree Samuels ‘Corny’

The ‘Love and Hip Hop: New York’ star says in a five-minute Instagram video, ‘They’re bitter inside ’cause they give their all to a man that can’t love themselves.’

AceShowbizErica Mena is well aware of the things that people say about her husband Safaree Samuels and she can’t tolerate it anymore. The “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star has come to the rapper’s defense and blasted people who keep calling him “corny” through a five-minute video posted on Instagram on Monday, August 24.

Prior to sharing the five-minute clip, Erica said on Instagram Stories, “He’s so corny to me… Bulls**t, b***h, cause if he was to pull his d**k right now, y’all b***hes would be sucking on them so f***ing crazy. Now that’s the s**t that’s corny.” When one person insisted that Safaree is still “corny,” Erica hit back, “Sis if you could you would but since you can’t you got feelings that could never phase us.”

She later returned to the photo-sharing site with more things to say, calling the trolls “bitter” people. “I find it kinda interesting how when a man is comfortable with being himself, loves life, makes the best out of things, isn’t fake hardcore trying to be hard, ain’t calling queens out their name…,” the model said. “when a man is legitimately confident with himself, when a man enjoys life and enjoys making the best out of things, dances because he feels good inside, says what he wants to say because he means it and is really a good all-around man…why is that corny for y’all females?”

She added, “It’s sad that there are a lot of females who are quick to call a man out his name or the female who goes after men who are happy with themselves. So they’re bitter inside ’cause they give their all to a man that can’t love themselves.” She then added the females who keep calling Safaree “corny” are lonely because they want to be with a man who pretends to be “everything that he isn’t.”

In the meantime, Safaree has yet to speak up.

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