Faith No More Share Story Of Mike Patton Joining The Band

Members of Faith No More have shared the story of how the band recruited Mike Patton as their frontman, replacing Chuck Moseley.

According to Billboard, Faith No More members felt the need to move on without Mosely as they started to begin work on their groundbreaking third album The Real Thing.

“Once we finished Introduce Yourself with Chuck, we knew we went as far as we could go with him,” explains drummer Mike Bordin. “We knew we had to make a change. And when you know you have to make the change, you just do it.”

“We felt we weren’t at the potential that we felt we could be working at and exploring sounds in the manner we should be doing. We had to do it; we had no choice,” he added.

“We had been working with Chuck for years and we made two records with him and had gone on a bunch of tours,” recalls co-founding member and keyboardist Roddy Bottum. “And bless him; he was an amazing, talented, crazy individual. But his singing chops had a very specific sound. He didn’t sing in a traditional way at all. With Chuck, we would have never gotten on pop radio.”

During auditioning for a new frontman, the funk metal group remembered receiving a demo tape from a young death metal band called Mr. Bungle, whose singer, Patton, had impressed guitarist Jim Martin very much.

“We played Humboldt County with Chuck, and Trey [Spruance], the guitar player from Mr. Bungle, gave us their demo cassette,” remembers the group’s bassist and fellow co-founder Billy Gould. “So we’d play it on the bus, and Jim Martin was really hip to it.”

“So when things didn’t work out with Chuck, Jim suggested we reach out to Mike even though we didn’t properly meet him yet,” he added. “We didn’t know anything about him other than Jim liked the tape.”

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