Flight Fight!!! Woman Allegedly Brawls With American Airlines Employees Over Not Picking Up Her Garbage

You never know what will set someone off!

In these trying times, we are apparently NOT all in it together as, according to a criminal complaint, a woman was taken into custody after allegedly attacking an American Airlines attendant during an overnight flight from Miami to New York.

The incident went down early Sunday morning when a passenger identified as Chenasia Campbell left her seat and followed a flight attendant to the crew area, where she reportedly started screaming at the employee for not picking up her trash. Another flight attendant tried to intervene, but Campbell accused that second employee of pushing her, the complaint said.

The passenger then allegedly punched the intervening flight attendant and pulled the attendant’s hair. After the two were pulled apart, Campbell allegedly had words with another passenger before hitting the flight attendant again. At one point, the passenger allegedly tried to remove the AA employee’s clothes, and said that “cops aren’t going to do anything to me.”

But she was wrong. An off-duty New York City Police Department officer happened to be on the plane and was able to intervene. (The crew requested for the captain to land the plane, but the request was denied. Way to have your team’s back, Cap’n!) The officer placed the Brooklyn resident in hand restraints until she was taken into police custody when the plane touched down at New York’s JFK Airport.

The employee sustained several injuries — including a swollen hand and strained neck — but denied medical assistance. The company addressed the incident in a statement, with an American Airlines spokesperson telling People that the passenger involved in the incident had “refused to comply with the federal face mask requirement” and “assaulted a crew member while in flight.”

The statement read:

“Violence of any kind is not tolerated by American. We thank our crew members and law enforcement for their quick action, both on board and at the airport, to ensure the safety of our customers and crew members.”

Campbell made a virtual appearance in court in Brooklyn on Monday on federal charges of interfering with a flight crew. She was ordered released on a $15,000 bond with travel restrictions imposed, according to NBC New York. The woman’s public defender, James Darrow, stated during the hearing that his client is currently participating in a state-run mental health treatment program.

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