Gemma Atkinson explains why she was ‘sad’ to register her daughter Mia’s birth

Gemma Atkinson admitted she was "sad" to officially register her daughter's birth as it would mean she no longer shared a surname.

The new mum, 34, called into the Hits Radio Breakfast show to speak to her replacements Fleur East, Greg and James, and fill them in on life since the birth of Mia .

She explained how she felt when registering their daughter yesterday: "It was quite sad because until then apparently they officially take the mum's name, but once registered she's an official Marquez.

"And I'm the only one now who's not a Marquez in the family."

Gemma then added that she was keen not to wait too long to become a part of the Marquez family.

"I said to him [Gorka] 'You do know now we need to get married otherwise I'm not part of the family'.

"He's like 'Yeah we have time, it's OK'."

Speaking about the meaning behind their daughter's name Gemma explained that it referenced partner Gorka Marquez' Spanish heritage.

Gemma said: "It means 'mine' in Spanish. It's a name that's quite popular in England but it comes from Spain so we've got a bit of both in there."

The proud parents debuted baby Mia Louise for the first time, since she was born on July 4, last week posting an adorable snap of her snoozing in her cot .

Gemma has taken to social media over the last couple of days to share details of her traumatic birth with fans.

Speaking about the reaction, Gemma said: "It’s been nice actually. I've had loads of messages from women who've had similar things and you think ‘oh gosh I'm glad it's not just me’, you know what I mean?

"Cause a lot of people say 'Oh I thought it was something that I ate or some exercise that I did or maybe I walked a bit too far'. It's just nothing to do with that, it's just Mother Nature unfortunately.”

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