Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry covers up tribute tattoo to Sam Gowland by turning his name into ‘Salmon’

Sharing a picture to Instagram, Chloe Ferry revealed that she has covered up her wrist tattoo, which was Sam Gowland’s name along with a love heart emoji.

The 23 year old has altered his name and turned it into the word ‘Salmon’ along with a fish emoji underneath.

She captioned the picture: “Plenty more fish in the sea. who likes me new tat?”

Chloe shared more close-up looks of her tattoo on Instagram stories as she said: “Think its time for this tattoo to go now, I’m going to get it changed to something very fun and spontaneous.”

She also told her fans to not worry if they have an ex-partner's name inked on them, as the tattoo can be worked into something else.

The star and Sam have split again after a dramatic few months in their relationship.

Chloe has reportedly purchased a one-way ticket to Ibiza as she flees the country after dumping Sam, The Sun reports.

The publication claims the pair are off “for good” after briefly splitting then rekindling their relationship earlier this year.

A source told the publication: “Chloe’s finally seen the light and has binned off Sam for good.

“She’s told everyone this week is the start of her new life.

“She’s starting a really exciting work project in London and has left Sam well behind."

The insider added: “Plus to top it off, she’s bought a one way ticket out of the country and has told her friends she’s not coming back until her head is sorted.

“Sam’s obviously seething because before he’s always managed to persuade her to stay.

“This time she’s said she’s finally free and is looking forward to the future as a single, independent woman.”

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