Gwyneth Paltrow Strips Down & Soaks In A Bathtub To Celebrate 49th Birthday Photo

Gwyneth Paltrow celebrated her 49th birthday in style when she got completely naked & soaked in a bathtub on Instagram.

Gwyneth Paltrow just turned 49 on September 27 and she rang in her new year in the best way possible. The actress posted a photo of herself completely naked while lounging in an outdoor bathtub while covering up her chest. She opted out of any makeup and threw her blonde hair into a messy bun above her head.

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Gwen received an outpouring of love on her birthday as she reposted a ton of Instagram stories from people wishing her a happy birthday. However, the best birthday post was from her husband, Brad Falchuk. Brad posted a photo of Gwyneth sitting outside, looking off into the distance, along with a super lengthy caption.

The caption read, “When you live with this woman, a few things become clear. There are the obvious things – that she’s beautiful, that she’s funny, that she likes things the way she likes them, when she likes them. That she is always busy – but also always has time for you. But the two things that really stand out are that she notices. And she acts.”

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Brad continued to gush about Gwyneth, writing, “She may notice you need a hug and give you an outstanding one. She may notice that you’re hungry and make you a delicious egg sandwich. She may notice you love the Red Sox and she will live and die with them even if she doesn’t understand what the hell is going on in the game.”

He listed a ton of other great things Gwyneth has done for people and how she has impacted lives but he concluded the heartfelt caption, “I could go on and on. Really. Today is Gwyneth’s birthday. So today we notice her like she notices us every day. And we celebrate her because if anyone deserves to be celebrated it’s you, Gwyneth. Happy birthday.”

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