Harry Hill brutally mocks Holly Willoughby’s This Morning speech on HIGNFY

Have I Got News For You: Harry Hill jokes about Holly Willoughby

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby, 42, has been criticised for the speech she gave when she returned to the ITV show earlier this week.

The Dancing On Ice star had been absent from our screens since reports had started to surface about a “rift” with co-host Phillip Schofield, 61.

After stepping down from the show a couple of weeks ago, Phillip also went on to reveal that he had an affair with a much younger colleague on the show while married to his wife Stephanie Lowe.

The star has since apologised to everyone he lied to, and described his actions as “unwise but not illegal”.

ITV also released a statement saying they felt “deeply disappointed” and “badly let down” by Phillip, announcing they would also be launching an investigation.

When Holly returned to This Morning on Monday, many viewers were left perplexed by her emotional introductory speech, which saw her ask fans “Are you ok” and confess she felt “shaken” and “let down”.

Tonight on BBC comedy quiz show Have I Got News For You, comedian Harry Hill, 58, made his own cheeky joke about Holly’s speech.

The show opened with a clip of Holly telling viewers: “Right, deep breath.”

The camera then cut to Harry, who breathed comically, sucking in his cheeks.

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“Firstly, are you ok?” the recording of Holly asked.

“I’ve got a bit of a bunged-up nose but otherwise I’m fine,” Harry replied, before turning to the camera with a hilarious, quizical expression.

This is not the only time members of tonight’s show made light of the ongoing drama at This Morning.

At one point, panellist Ian Hislop joked about who might replace Holly’s co-host, as the identity of the presenter set to take up Phillip’s old role seems to be undecided.

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In one of the show’s classic spot-the-connection rounds, he joked that Holly’s new host could be anyone from Conservative politician Eric Pickles to comedian Jack Dee’s daughter’s dog.

Tonight’s show saw Jack join Paul Merton’s team, while editor-in-chief of Vice Zing Tsjeng joined Ian’s.

Have I Got News For You returns next Friday at 9pm on BBC One.

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