'I knew she was off the market because she’d done her leg in' – Spencer Matthews on how he wooed wife Vogue Williams

Spencer Matthews said he wooed his wife Vogue Williams while she was in hospital recovering after knee surgery.

The couple met while filming reality tv show The Jump in which celebrities are given specialist training in winter sports and compete in Austia for the title of winner. Vogue’s time on the show was cut short as she she ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in her knee in an accident on the slopes, but the foundation for their relationship had already been set.

They hit it off instantly and at the time both were adamant they were only friends, they were married and expecting their first child within one year of meeting. “I had practically moved into the west wing of the hospital she resided in,” he said on the Maybe Baby podcast.

“I knew she was off the ­market because she’d done her leg in. No one wants to be with the girl in hospital. So I was like, ‘Perfect, I know where she is all the time’.

It’s not like she can dodge me. I wouldn’t even bother sending messages, I’d just show up. She’d be in her hospital bed. Sometimes she’d be out of it, sometimes she’d be willing to chat. That’s where I made my most significant moves.”

After being discharged from hospital, Vogue continued splitting her time between London and Dublin, where they were pictured a number of times as she walked on crutches.

Their whirlwind relationship was well documented in the press, including the fact that they bought an apartment together in London’s Battersea after just a few months of dating.

“We moved in together quite quick when you think about it. We were moving in together and we were looking for somewhere to live,” he said.

“The agent was clever and he brought us somewhere we absolutely loved but it was only for sale. So we found our dream place and then we bought it. So we didn’t just move in together, we bought a place together.”

Within a few months, they were expecting their first child Theodore – now 11 months – and were vocal about their desires to start a family, eventually securing a fly on the wall tv series with E4 documenting their journey to parenthood.

While filming one of her eponymous documentaries for RTE, Vogue tested her fertility and they decided to try for a baby sooner rather than later.

“The doctor said if you want to have kids in the next year or so, you need to come off the pill as you have been on it so long and it might take a while to get pregnant,” she explained.

“So we had those discussions. So we said we may as well stop trying not to have a baby now and see how long it takes. And it did not take long!”

“It happened so fast that we were shocked. We were thinking if it happens in a year, no problem as we’re not in a hurry.”

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