Il Divos Carlos Marin’s ex heartbreakingly shares they were going to remarry before death

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Carlos Marin tragically died aged 53 after being put into an induced coma following a tragic battle with Covid earlier this month. His ex-wife Geraldine Larossa has now made the heartbreaking admission that the couple were planning on tying the knot again, as she attended Carlos’ wake yesterday in Madrid.

We were going to marry.

Geraldine Larossa

The couple remained good friends despite their 2009 divorce, having been in a relationship for over a decade before they got married.

Speaking outside Saint Isidore Funeral Home, Geraldine said: “We have been together for 30 years although you’d travel and we’d separate and get back together again.

“During these two years of pandemia we’d been together.

“We were going to marry and it’s not happened in the end.”

Geraldine has been very upset since her ex-partner’s death, taking to Instagram to pine for her lost love on December 19.

She penned: “Most people already know but I’ll say it again because I want the whole world to know.

“Carlos Marin has been and will always be the great love of my life.

“He’s the kindest and most generous person in the world.”

She also admitted on Monday that her nine-year-old daughter Scarlett, saw Carlos as her “second dad”.

Talking about their relationship in a social media post, Geraldine said: “Scarlett called you ‘daddy’ Carlos and I can’t be prouder that she called you that.

“You are an incredible godfather. Whenever you were with her, I was happy because I knew she would be happy.

“Now I know you will look after her from Heaven. You were one of the kindest, most generous and entertaining people I’ve ever known. We will never forget you.”

Geraldine also recalled the last emotional call she had with Carlos before he was intubated in hospital.

As she fought back tears, she said: “Before being intubated he said goodbye to me because he knew he wasn’t going to pull through and it was the saddest image in my life.

“He called me and told me he loved me like mad and that I was the woman of his life and asked me to take care of his family.”

Singer Geraldine has not been romantically linked to anyone since the pair’s divorce.

In her open letter in Spanish, she also said: “It doesn’t matter because I know the universe is going to bring us together millions of times.

“It will wed us millions of times, I don’t have any doubt about that.

“I love you with all my soul. Your goddaughter loves you like mad. I know you are here at my side and at our family’s side but you have left us with an immense hole in our lives.

“I love you my darling. Your voice, your happiness, your affection and your humour is impregnated on my soul.

“You are my great love who has marked the rhythm of my life. I love you.”

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