James May gets ‘shirty’ with Amazon crew on new Oh Cook! programme ‘Bit embarrassed’

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James May, 56, today launches his new cooking series Oh Cook! on Amazon Prime and has revealed that he found it difficult making the programme at times. At one point the motor expert admitted to Out To Lunch podcast host Jay Rayner that he had got “shirty” after some of the show’s crew “advised” him on how to prepare his dishes.

All got an opinion

James May

James says that because he is known for giving his opinion on motor vehicles, the audience and crew of the culinary show may not “believe” he knows what he is doing.

He explained: “Making a cooking show and doing a cookbook, particularly filming the TV show… one of the problems is, if I’m talking about cars or putting a lawnmower together, I at least believe I have some authority and people, believe me, I’m including in that the crew and the people filming me and recording the sound. 

“When you are making a cooking show and you’re only one step ahead of your audience, the crew, whom all of course cook to some extent, some of them quite expertly, they have all got an opinion on what you’re doing.

“It’s like working infront of a big advisory committee,” he added.

James admitted to feeling “embarrassed” after he got annoyed with some of those who were slightly sceptical of his skills on set.

He continued: “So one of the things I’m slightly embarrassed about in the programme is that I get a bit shirty with the crew, which I would never normally do. “

The unconventional cooking programme will see James, who is a self-professed novice, take on whipping up easy to make meals that anyone could create at home.

The motor expert is assisted in the kitchen by home economist Nikki Morgan, and all recipes are taken from James’s cookbook “Oh Cook: 60 recipes any idiot can make”.

Across its seven episodes, James will be attempting dishes ranging from the Far East to the Mediterranean, as well as some classic pub grub, all of which will be presented without the usual “trickery” of a typical cooking show.

James previously stunned viewers by cooking and eating cat food, in a bid to prove that the product traditionally aimed at felines, is safe for human consumption.

The newbie chef hosted a video on Food Tribe’s YouTube channel, where he attempted to make cat food bearable to be digested by humans.

The former Top Gear host showed how it is possible to cook cat food in a frying pan alongside other ingredients, top it off with mash potato and create a homemade shepherds pie with a twist.

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James began by addressing the camera, as he stated: “Things have become rather desperate.”

He then displayed a packet of Felix on his kitchen worktop, and added: “Cat food, now cat food, is perfectly edible, it is suitable for human consumption, and infact, it has to be, because the tragedy is that some people when they get really hard up, eat it.”

The TV star explained how “back in the 1970s” people who were less fortunate began to eat cat food, and therefore a law came into place making it “fit for human consumption”.

James then showed a different package of cat food, which he claimed his co-host Tom’s cat preferred to eat.

He continued: “Now this is one my cat likes, and this is one Tom’s cat likes, which is chicken and cheese.

“This one is beef and poultry [he said of The Felix pouch] whatever that means. So I wouldn’t want to eat it straight out of the packet.

“I’ll be honest, I’m sure I could do it, but it might be a bit gag-worthy,” he added.

The motor expert then used the cat food to create two pies topped off with pre-made mash potato, as he declared: “Not bad, they are perfectly OK.”

Oh Cook is now available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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