Jeremy Clarksons daughter embroiled in Instagram row as she brands user a f***ing idiot

Emily Clarkson reveals why she can’t take part in charity hike

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Emily Clarkson, 27, has used her Instagram platform to share hurtful messages she has had over the last couple of weeks, regarding her push for female rights. She shared the comments with her 217,000 followers.

now is not the time for quiet.

Emily Clarkson

The post said: “I wanted to share some of the responses I have had, from men, to my recent posts discussing gendered violence in the UK in the wake of Sabina Nessa’s murder and the sentencing of Sarah Everard’s killer.

“I believe these conversations are essential and I want to use my platform to have them, but this is what I, this is what WE, are up against when we do.

“Everything from attempts to discredit me, and the statistics, to threats, to boredom, to claims that I am overreacting, to ‘jokes’, to the ‘what about’isms, to what is arguably the most tiresome of all… the ‘but it’s not all men’.”

She added: “This is exhausting.

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“Because whilst I know, in my heart not all of you will hurt me.

“I also know that not all of you will help me either.”

Near the end of her post she said: “There are good men out there, but they are quiet.

“And now is not the time for quiet.

“So please, good men, make noise. Don’t let this be all we hear.”

Along with the caption Emily posted several screenshots of messages she had received from males over the past couple of weeks.

She covered their identities, but shared the messages with her followers.

The unidentified individual said: “Hmmm can someone explain to me then how come men are more likely to be victims of a violent crime according to FBI stats?”


“You are ALSO most likely to get attacked by men so male violence is STILL a problem.”

They replied: “Oh so you wanna be sexist about it. OK.”

By this point, Emily was very angry, simply replying: “You’re a f***ing idiot.”

Another told her: “I didn’t know that the UK had women worth harassing.”

Fans and friends alike were quick to praise Emily for using her platform to talk about these issues.

Ashleylouisejames said: “I’m exhausted from these conversations too. I was attacked by a FRIEND at uni.

“This is not just strangers in the night, this is people’s friends/boyfriends/husbands.”

Bostonmillsbakery added: “This is just everything. Thank you so much for using your voice for this.”

MrsCarlyMullen commented: “Oh wow. Truly exhausting responses there.”

Emily is the daughter of Jeremy Clarkson and his ex-wife Frances Cain.

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