Jodie Comers Hollywood knock-backs left her fearful of career: We all have insecurities

Help: Stephen Graham and Jodie Comer star in new show

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British actress Jodie Comer, 28, has reached world-wide fame, not only for one performance, but for many. The Liverpudlian has numerous credits under her belt for both TV and film, but she admitted before landing her big movie debut in 2017, she wondered whether she would ever be accepted into Hollywood.

I do think people have to see it to believe it

Jodie Comer

She’s perhaps best known for playing the charismatic psychopath Villanelle in seven-series BBC America drama Killing Eve.

Her portrayal of the Russian assassin made her the youngest-ever winner of the best actress in a drama series Emmy in 2019 at the age of just 26.

She also had notable roles in E4 comedy-drama series My Mad Fat Diary, Doctor Foster, Thirteen, Elizabeth of York, The White Princess.

Most recently in TV, she starred in the 2021 Channel 4 short film Help, alongside Stephen Graham.

The poignant film highlighted the immense pressure and harrowing struggles care homes in the UK suffered during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Also last year, she secured her first lead role in a big studio Hollywood film Free Guy, alongside Ryan Reynolds.

And now, she’s a favourite to win an Oscar for her turn as a 14th century woman who dares to accuse a man of rape in Ridley Scott’s film The Last Duel.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter on their podcast Award’s Chatter, Jodie spoke of previous film auditions that turned her down, and left her wondering if she was destined to just be a TV actress instead.

But looking back to the time before she took Hollywood by storm, the actress, regarded by Jason Bourne star Matt Damon as “a generational talent”, spoke of how she never thought any of this would happen.

Admitting she used to fear that she wouldn’t have the opportunity to act in films, when asked whether she believed she would be stuck as a TV actress in people’s minds, she replied honestly: “We all have our insecurities and that was absolutely one of mine.

“Having gone for many, many auditions for films and not getting it and then going, ‘Oh gosh… maybe I’m a television actress!’

“This is what I was saying in my head.”

But Jodie proved herself wrong, and low and behold she could be on track to win an Oscar this year.

“I looked up at film like it was this other thing that was unreachable and you had to be something else to do it,” she sighed.

“It just isn’t the case!

“But I do think people have to see it to believe it.”

It comes as Jodie was forced to pull out of her role in Ridley Scott’s historical drama Kitbag, due to a scheduling conflict.

Instead, The Crown star Vanessa Kirby, has been cast as Empress Josephine, starring opposite Joaquin Phoenix in the Apple film.

It chronicles the origins of legendary French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte as he rose to power, particularly focusing on his “addictive and often volatile relationship” with his wife Josephine.

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