JWoww Reacts in Shock, Anger to Boyfriend’s Groping of Jersey Shore Co-Star

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?

Not when a bunch of MTV cameras are fixated on your every move.

In the case of Thursday night’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation episode, this meant that Jenni “JWoww” Farley had to learn that her boyfriend really does sort of suck.

Immediately after meeting up with the whole group in Las Vegas on the episode, Zack Clayton Carpinello took an odd liking to Angelina.

While day-drinking at a pool party, Farley made a comment about how Angelina doesn’t have sex with her fiancé, Chris, “but wants to bang everything else.”

“Yeah, what’s up with that?” Zack said to her. “Why don’t you have sex?”

“I am having sex,” Angelina fired back, to which Zack replied: “Why didn’t you before?”

After Angelina said they “had a little bit of a dry spell,” Zack, again, wanted to know why. He kept pressing her on this personal topic, leaving Angelina clearly annoyed.

But she said it had to do with stresses related to their house.

Zack still wasn’t finished sticking his nose in Angelina’s business.

“When’s the last time you did it?” he asked Angelina, who answered, “Last week?”

In her confessional, the reality star was rightfully pissed off.

“If he comes at me sideways tonight, it’s game on, bro!” she vowed. “It ain’t happening. I’m gonna call him out and be like, ‘You have a 2-inch dick. Get the f–k out of here. You don’t know shit.’ I don’t like him.”

Following an awkward dinner (at which Zack kept referring to Angelina as his “bestie” and Deena suggested everyone “squash this bullshit.”), the gang got hammered and went out to a nightclub.

Early on, Angelina dirty danced on Jenni… and then leaned in and kissed both Zack and JWoww!

Jenni didn’t seem to care, but she also seemed to have no idea what was going on.

Jenni and her limp body eventually threw themselves on Zack who proceeded to put his hand around her neck while whispering in her ear.

Within seconds, Farley was sitting on the floor, asleep with her head in between her man’s legs. She was just SO wasted, you guys.

From there, Angelina began dancing by Zack’s side.

He placed his arm around her lower waist/hip area and Angelina’s eyes immediately bugged out of her head — she told the camera that “his hands are big, so it was on my ass and my side.”

Zack pulled Angelina in close and said, “Are we friends now?”

He even grabbed her legs, prompting her to get up and start dancing next to him instead.

“One minute he’s asking me about my sex life, the next minute he’s grabbing me!” Angelina said in a later confessional, adding:

“He doesn’t know what boundaries are. This is gonna be a problem.”

In the elevator on their way out of the venue, Zack put his arm around Jenni. He peered over at Angelina and put his other arm around her.

As he leaned in, she stared straight into the camera and the episode ended.

Crazy, right?

Not just to viewers, but to Jenni as well.

“After seeing tonight’s episode I’m pretty hurt. I feel disrespected by someone I called a friend and by someone who stated they loved me,” Farley wrote on Instagram last night.

“For 5 months I was naive, probably laughed at and made into a storyline that will forever haunt me.”

“My heart hurts on so many levels,” Jenni continued. “One thing I learned from tonight’s episode is know your value. Don’t ever lower your standards.”

While it is currently unclear whether or not Jenni is still with Zack and Angelina is still with Chris, one thing is clear:

The women will face the drama head-on during an explosion argument in an upcoming episode.

Stay tuned, folks.

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