Kailyn Lowry GUSHES Over Chelsea Houska’s Newborn: She’s Perfect!!

Chelsea Houska may be done with Teen Mom, but she will never be gone from our hearts — or those of her castmates.

She recently shared some adorable photos of newborn baby Walker.

Fans are beside themselves, and they are not alone.

Kailyn Lowry couldn’t help but publicly gush about this sweet little baby.

“How is she that perfect?” Kail gushed in the comments below Chelsea’s photo of her newborn daughter.

The question was of course rhetorical, an expression of awe and adoration.

Kailyn’s comment was completed by two emojis of tearful crying — commonly used on social media when someone is overwhelmed with positive emotions.

“Walker June,” Chelsea wrote to introducer her and Cole’s newest baby to the world.

At birth, she revealed, her baby girl weighed in at “6lbs 1oz.”

“She decided she wanted to share a birthday with her big brother, Watson,” Chelsea joked, “and surprised us by coming last night.”

“I always wanted to be a Father,” Cole gushed in his own social media post.

He added affectionately: “I never would have guessed I would be blessed and gifted 4 beautiful children.”

Aubree, Watson, and Layne are now older siblings to sweet little Walker.

“Chelsea Houska, thank you for this life and creating miracles,” Cole raved about his wife.

“I love you,” he expressed.

“Not sure how this rugged good ole boy got as lucky as I did,” Cole admitted, “but I truly couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Fans can solve that mystery.

Cole is a good dude and he’s easily one of the hottest partners or baby daddies, ever, in the Teen Mom universe.

So how he landed such a sweet and loving partner and such amazing kids isn’t exactly a head-scratcher.

We do have to note that it’s funny that Walker “chose” to be born on Watson’s birthday.

(Obviously, Chelsea was joking on multiple levels there, as that’s not how childbirth works and also Walker is a baby who doesn’t even know what birthdays are or who Watson is yet)

Not only do the kids with W-names share a birthday, but they’ll always share that birthday … which is probably going to get deeply annoying for both of them as they get older.

Chelsea made sure to share a lot of herself during this final pregnancy — making a note that it was bittersweet to be pregnant for the last time.

That said, she also noted that the changes to her body were often unpleasant.

From genital soreness to back pain to enlarged, tender breasts, her body was doing a number on her to nurture this new life.

Kailyn of course is no stranger to motherhood.

Like Chelsea, Kail is a mother of four. She is all too familiar with the downsides of pregnancy.

Kailyn has fresher experiences with toxic baby daddies than Chelsea’s. Not every Teen Mom was lucky enough to find a Cole DeBoer.

It’s so nice to see this kind of cordial interaction.

It’s a great reminder that stopping from being castmates doesn’t mean that they have to disappear from each other’s thoughts.

And we can all agree that Walker is adorable beyond words.

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