Kanye West Files Trademark to Open YZYSPLY Retail Stores

Kanye West‘s left his mark on a ton of industries — shoes, clothing and even stem players — and now he’s laying the groundwork for what could be a retail store for all his wares.

Ye and his legal team recently filed to trademark “YZYSPLY” for retail stores, online ordering services and online retail store services. Fans might already be familiar with Yeezy Supply, a website Kanye has used to sell limited-release shoes or clothing in the past — but the new trademark suggests he’s going bigger … possibly opening brick-and-mortar stores.

Kanye’s latest filing, obtained by TMZ, includes just about every clothing item you can wear — G-strings, shirts, socks, hats, visors and tennis wear — and leaves plenty of creative room for “accessories” headwear and footwear.

Of course, he’s already got a deal in place with GAP, and they recently dropped their first release of mostly black items … including his now-famous full-face masks.

However, with YZYSPLY, he could be thinking the future is a one-stop shopping location for everything his fans love about Ye.

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