Kanye West Pees on Grammy Award (This Is NOT How You Stream Music)

Kanye West has declared himself to be the “new Moses” in his latest unhinged rant.

Unfortunately, he is taking things even further … posting a video in which he appears to urinate on his Grammy Award.

We’re not saying that Kanye has gone off the deep end. That ship sailed long ago.

But he has upped his game, from making erratic statements at rallies, in interviews, and on Twitter to posting yikes-worthy videos.

This time, he has placed his Grammy Award in a toilet .. and is making his contempt very obvious.

You’ll have to reach the end of this article to see the video for yourself.

We can, however, offer you some glimpses of the horror in the meantime.

From the cropped image above to the selection of Ye’s tweets below, Kanye is acting out for attention — and he is receiving it.

All of this is about his crusade to free fellow artists from the “slavery” of their music contracts with massive corporations.

Now, we do tend to agree that many artists find themselves trapped in exploitative contracts that seemed favorable when they were young and naive and first signed on.

The “slavery” analogy is rarely, if ever, apt to anyone being paid real money for their work and not being forced to work.

Kanye takes things even further with his declaration that he is “the new Moses,” making reference to a figure from a scriptural narrative of liberation found in the Torah.

We understand that his unmedicated bipolar disorder may include symptoms such as a sense of euphoria, an inflated ego, and a lack of impulse control — thus tweeting without a filter.

But comparing yourself to any religious figure, whether they are human or divine, historical or literary, is almost always a mistake … and often a mental health red flag.

But that pales beside posting a video of him appearing to urinate. (Technically, we cannot identify the fluid that is streaming in the video)

There are plenty of people who post urination videos every day. Many of them are sex workers, doing so to earn a living.

Kanye is doing this as a display of contempt and in a desperate (and successful) bid for attention. It’s a little gross. It’s also deeply weird.

We also should address that Kanye’s video features … other voices. Multiple other voices, like you would hear in the lobby outside of an auditorium.

Now, we know that Kanye and Kim live in a colorless void, so maybe sound carries further than it would in a home with more actual decor.

But it sure sounds like Kanye is recording this amateur watersports video just a dozen or so feet away from where multiple people, possibly women, are carrying on a conversation.

We know that Kanye feels like he can take on the world right now, like there is an urgent need for him to save and transform the world.

He is feeling this way because he is not adequately medicated for his mental illness.

We promise that, like countless other bipolar Americans, he could continue to pursue his passions if he were medicated — and he might be more effective when he is no longer so obviously unwell.

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