Kate Gosselin Goes to a Speakeasy and Freaks OUT on Kate Plus Date

Though even her own former publicist has described Kate Gosselin as an “awful human,” Kate is still looking for love.

On Kate Plus Date, she hopes that she’s met a good match … but their trip to a speakeasy gives her second thoughts.

Watch this clip and decide for yourse;f: Is he too fun and adventurous for her?

“Hello, hello, Kate,” Joey says in greeting as she walks up to him on the streets of New York. “It’s a little nippy.”

“In reviewing Joey,” Kate tells the camera. “I think that he has a great sense of humor.”

She explains: “Life feels a lot less serious to him from my perspecitive.”

“And,” Kate surprises viewers. “That’s refreshing.”

We’ll see if she feels that way as he takes her to an authentic speakeasy in the East Village.

“My thoughts about being contacted for the second date was: ‘exciting!'” Joey reveals during some of own one-on-one time with the camera.

“I thought that we had a good time on the first date,” he expresses.

“And,” Joey admits. “I wasn’t sure if the second date was going to happen.”

“So it was nice,” he says. “I was pleasantly surprised.”

They then go down some steps into a narrow tunnel that, invideo games, would inevitably lead to an encounter with a monster.

Fortunately, this is New York odd entrances usually lead to clubs or, in this case, a bar.

Kate admits that she was not immediately won over by the atmosphere.

“When you use this gate at street level and then you have to clambor down these creepy cement staris,” she complains.

“I just remember thinking, A, I’m glad it’s daylight, and B, I’m glad there’s a tall guy here,” Kate recalls.

“Because,” she predicts. “My knees probably would have buckled and I would have fallen if I were alone.”

There’s nothing down any alley that Kate Gosselin will meet that’s scrarier than she is.

“The first thing that came to mind about living in the East Village, lower east side area,” Joey explains of his date decision.

He continues: “was what about this area is very unique and possibly iconic.”

“And the first thing that came to mind was a speakeasy,” he says.

“I always speak easy,” Kate attempts to joke. “Speaking is very easy for me.”

Most people learneda bout speakeasies in books, film, or in school. They are landmarks from the Prohibition era.

Inside they are treated to sights of various nude paintings.

Kate really begins to sound appalled as he describes having seen tables get overturned and fights break out, yet continued to attend.

Kate’s expression tells Joey that she clearly does not feel free to act the same way.

After all, she’s a mother of eight. Well, more like of six, these days.

She can’t risk something happen to her. Who would micromanage her children?

Speaking of her kids, even they know that this isn’t a good place to take Kate on a date.

Now, maybe this isn’t a catastrophe after all.

(Something similar happened on Kept Man … about a bajillion years ago, for anyone who watched that show, and that dude was still Final Two)

But we can tell that Joey is going to have to impress Kate with why he chose this place if he’s going to earn a third date.

In the mean time, we’ll just be trying to forget what we heard about that smell.

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