Katy Perry's Party Shut Down By Police With Me And Taylor Swift There! | Perez Hilton

From Perez: These #ThrowbackThursday photos from Katy Perry‘s birthday party in 2009 are so special. Iconic really. WHY am I dressed like Mother Teresa, you may ask? Well, I thought we were going to a costume party where we all had to wear white. Turns out it was just a dress code and not fancy dress. I still rocked my outfit and we were all covered in paint by the end of the evening! It was one of THE MOST FUN nights of my life! We got so wild that the cops came and shut the party down early! I share so many wonderful stories in my new memoir! If you haven’t ordered your copies yet, do it! Get TMI: My Life In Scandal from your favorite indie bookstores or directly at PerezHiltonBook.com

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