Kelsey Parker tells of Toms final days in hospice and magical final moment

Kelsey Parker has revealed her struggle to carry on during late husband Tom Parker’s final days, before witnessing his 'magical' final moment.

The Wanted star died aged 33 on 30 March after battling an inoperable brain tumour he was diagnosed with in 2020, leaving behind Kelsey and their two young children.

Now Kelsey has opened up about how she coped in the days leading up to her husband's passing.

The young widow told Loose Women on Friday she found it “really, really tough” when Tom entered a hospice at the end.

The 32-year-old said she struggled to get up some mornings to visit her husband as he became sicker but somehow mustered the strength to be at his side.

“I found it really, really tough,” she told the panellists.

“One of the days I just laid in bed in the morning and it just felt like someone had dropped weights one me and I thought, ‘how can I actually get out of bed this morning and actually get to that hospice?’

“On the day he actually passed, I knew that they had sedated him and I knew he was going to die that day, and I had to find something within to go, ‘you can go to that hospice and you can be there for him.’”

Kelsey was with Tom at the hospice when he died and described the sad moment as surprisingly “magical” despite the painful time.

“I’ve been there for him for all this time and I had to be there at the end and that’s how it was meant to be,” she continued.

“With Tom, even the final moments were magical. That’s the sort of person he was.”

Kelsey attributed the strength she found to support Tom to an “army” who was behind the couple during his brain cancer battle as she said: “From when he was diagnosed we had this army behind us, supporting us and I think that’s how we got through this.”

Reflecting on her relationship with her husband, the mum-of-two called Tom her “soulmate” and mentioned feeling lucky to have had him in his life for as long as she did as she looks to moving forward with her life as best she can.

“I’m just getting through each day. I have the kids, I’m just trying to be as strong as possible. [Tom] wouldn’t want me to sit around crying,” Kelsey added.

“I met Tom at 19 and we’ve gone through all these years together and we were soulmates. We actually loved each other so much. He was my best friend.

"I found the love of my life and I’ve spent all these years with him, like how lucky am I that I can actually say that I was in love? I was so in love with him.”

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