Kim Kardashian Always Feels the Need to Prove Herself Despite Success

In a new interview, the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star talks about her ambition and next goal which include finishing law school that she allegedly started in 2019.

AceShowbizKim Kardashian feels the need to work harder as she thinks she still has “something to prove.” Despite enjoying huge success with various business ventures over the years, the 41-year-old star remains as ambitious as she’s ever been.

“I think I’ll always feel like I have something to prove. Even if it’s just to myself,” she shared. “My next big thing is just finishing law school because I’m halfway there. It’s really time consuming. I have to study two hours every day with my professor. I don’t have a day off from that.”

Despite her busy schedule, Kim puts a big emphasis on her personal wellbeing. The reality star – who has North, nine, Saint, six, Chicago, four, and Psalm, three, with ex-husband Kanye West – takes time to work out and she now feels “really good in [her] own skin.”

Kim told Interview magazine, “I really take care of myself. I work out, and I eat as plant-based as possible. I’m not perfect, but it’s a lifestyle. I feel really good in my own skin these days, so maybe that comes through.”

Kim is one of the most photographed women in the world, and she’s keen to take care of her appearance. However, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star doesn’t allow herself to be consumed by outside pressures.

Kim explained, “I trust myself in the sense of, I know what looks good, and I know what makes me feel really uncomfortable. But, every once in a while, someone will be like, ‘Trust me. This looks good.’ Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t, and you just have to roll with it.”

“It’s not that serious. I care a lot, but I also can’t let it consume me. Sometimes there’s bad angles, bad lighting. You can’t control it all.”

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