Kylie Jenner’s latest Halloween costume is ‘Sexy Little Mermaid’ just FYI

Ariel grew up.. ♥️

Hello, happy Halloween to all of you witches, ghouls, ghosts and unchill peeps. Here’s Kylie Jenner’s Halloween costume, or should I say, one of her many costumes. This is being called “Sexy Ariel” but I am absolutely positive that she’s Amelia Earhart. Perhaps Marie Curie? Hillary Clinton? No, no no. Sexy Little Mermaid it is. And is it just me or does that Ariel wig make Kylie look crazy-different? She looks like Halsey all of a sudden.

As everyone knows by now, I am a scaredy cat and I have no chill when it comes to scary stories, scary movies or scary TV shows. I honestly watch that silly-cheeseball show Prodigal Son and it’s started to freak me out too! And yet every friggin’ year now, I try to read some of Jezebel’s Scary Stories (contributed by readers) and I end up freaking out and scaring myself so badly. The panther kitten knew I was scared last night too, and he was such a good boy – he stayed right beside me, sleeping with his head on my pillow ALL night. He was there for his mama and he got a special treat. If you too want to scare yourself (WHY?), you can read Jezebel’s annual scary stories here and here.

Lupita Nyong’o is a scaredy cat too, I think, but she still enjoyed freaking people out at Universal’s Haunted House – she dressed up as her Us character and people were losing their minds.

found my flounder… ?

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