Lizzo and Cardi B Are Legit Goddesses in the "Rumors" Music Video

Happy Friday, Lizzo and Cardi B have blessed us with the only song you’ll need to soundtrack your weekend.

Lizzo dropped the truly iconic video for her new collaboration with Cardi, “Rumors,” which is about—as the title implies—the rumors and hate they deal with online. As Lizzo puts it in the intro:

Meanwhile, Cardi references the FCC complaints she got for “WAP” in her verse:

Lizzo opened up about working with Cardi to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, saying “She, to me, has always done it right. Everything that she’s said, every way she’s reacted, and you know why? Because she was true to herself the whole time. She never did it too look cool, she never did it to be liked. She’s a fucking superstar and she has changed the game forever.”

Lizzo added, “From the day the ink dried on her Atlantic contract, I was like, ‘Please get me on a song with Cardi B!”

In other words, this was a long time coming and it was worth! the! wait!

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