Love Island bosses hit contestants with sex ban over fears of getting axed

Love Island previously had their fair share of sex scenes, though following the deaths of Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassatis, ITV bosses have cut them down.

This year, although we’ve seen couples getting raunchy, it’s been far from the wild antics we are used to seeing on TV.

Although some fans have missed the action, it seems ITV have decided to cut it after fears the show could be axed.

The bosses had reportedly handpicked contestants who actively will avoid having sex on TV.

“They were all so different to how I expected. I was saying it the whole time I was there”

Anna Vakili

Dumped Islander Anna Vakili explained to The Sun on Sunday that show bosses were “looking for PG” contestants.

The babe admitted she was surprised by the cast, with many of the girls being reluctant to kiss on camera.

She said: “They were all so different to how I expected. I was saying it the whole time I was there.

“They were all – with the exception of Maura – not very sexual.”

Explaining she spoke about sex the most with Maura, she spilled on how her interview with the bosses went.

Anna told the publication that she point blank told the producers she wouldn’t have sex, and was shocked when they weren’t put off by it.

In previous years, the cast have been extremely open about their sex lives, with the Do Bits Society forming on the show last year.

A lot of the contestants chose to have sex on TV, including Laura Anderson, Wes Nelson, Megan Barton Hanson and Eyal Booker, to name a few.

One of the raunchiest scenes to ever air on the show was between Emma-Jane Woodham and Terry Walsh.

The pair had sex in the room with everyone else on top of the covers in a bid to avoid getting shown on camera.

However, in the years since the bosses have drastically toned down the show.

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