Love Islanders thrown into chaos with recoupling – and Ekin-Su could lose Davide

The Love Island villa is set for more drama as there is a recoupling set to take place tonight, just a day after four new bombshells entered the villa.

The bombshells have wasted no time in making it clear who they are interested in, with Nathalia getting to know Davide, who is coupled up with Ekin-Su.

Paige receives a text informing the Islanders that tonight there will be a recoupling in which the girls will choose which boy they want to couple up with.

What will this latest re-coupling mean for the current pairings and for the newest arrivals?

A teaser for tonight's show saw Nathalia Campos and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu in a heated exchange.

Ekin-Su ask Nathalia: "Have you got an issue with me?" to which the bombshell insists: "No, I haven't got an issue with you…"

With Ekin-Su replying: "Are you sure?" to which Nathalia responds: "Yeah, why? Have you got one with me?"

Ekin-Su then warns: "Because it feels like you've got an issue with me…"

Hitting back, Nathalia says: "If I had an issue with you, I'd let you know, babe…"

With things starting to get heated as Ekin-Su points out: "No, I feel like you have an issue with me!"

To which Nathalia brutally replies with: "Maybe you have an issue with yourself?"

The two are set to take their differences to the kitchen as they have a pancake challenge.

As talk turns to food and what toppings should be on a pizza, Ekin-Su and Nathalia can’t agree over their culinary choices – nor decide who Davide agrees with more.

Therefore it’s decided that the pair will settle things over a pancake cooking competition the following morning.

Ekin-Su tells Nathalia: “Do you know what I’ve learnt my love, the best way to end an argument is cooking, so you can prove to me with your pancakes my love, to see how good you are.”

Nathalia responds: “I don’t need to prove anything babe, honestly who are you for me to prove anything?”

Ekin-Su answers: “I am Ekin-Su babe and there's only one of me.”

Nathalia questions again: “Who is that to me? Who is that to me though, Ekin-who..?”

The conversation ends with Luca announcing to the Villa: “It ends in the kitchen, tomorrow morning, be there, Turkey Vs Brazil” with Nathalia laughing as she says: “The battle of the pancakes.”

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2.

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