MAFS UKs Matt confesses he wants a real wedding as he and Dan play Mr & Mr

Married at First Sight UK’s Matt Jameson has exclusively revealed to OK! that having a “real wedding” with Daniel McKee is top of his bucket list.

The loved-up couple played a game of Mr and Mr in an exclusive video and Leeds local Matt, 39, admitted a “real wedding” to his MAFS UK husband Dan, 28, is the top of his priorities.

Matt asks Dan: “What’s on the top of my bucket list?”

Northern Ireland native Dan replies: “The top of your bucket list is, you want a diamond ring.”

Charity worker Matt laughs and Dan sweetly adds: “You want a real wedding.”

Matt agrees saying: “Do you know, you’re 100% right. That’s exactly what I want.”

Dan laughs and says: “You heard it here first!”

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When Matt was asked what was at the top of Dan’s bucket list he answered: “So I think the top of your bucket list is to travel the world.”

Northern Ireland Dan cheekily buts in with an incorrect buzzer sound and a surprised Matt says: “But that’s what you talk about all the time.”

MAFS star Dan laughs and says: “No I want a pony!” as the pair descend into hysterics.

Dan then admits to joking as he adds: “No you’re right that’s top of my bucket list, I do want to travel but I want to travel with you” as he lovingly touches Matt’s chest. “I want to travel with someone”.

Matt replied: “Yeah that would be exciting.”

The couple recently praisedStrictly Come Dancingfor featuring a male, same-sex couple in this year's series.

Calling John Whaite and Johannes Rabede’s partnership “amazing”, Matt exclusively told OK!: “It’s amazing. It’s so great that they have that and it doesn’t feel like a gimmick.

Dan echoed his husband’s thoughts about having more representation of gay relationships on-screen, telling us: “We 100% need to see more of that, especially in a positive light.”

The MAFSUK star continued: “We can get married and having kids like any other couple does. I feel very proud of privileged that we were able to represent on Married at First Sight.

“It’s a true representation of real life, and they need to showcase that more in TV programmes.”

“And we even need to see more of people who gender neutral, transgender, everyone should be represented and there’s more steps to go.”

Matt added: “It was such a true representation of two guys who were gay and fell in love and our journey together."

And Dan told us he and Matt have had an overwhelming response from fans of the show.

“We have had so much love from the public,” he told us. “Especially about being the first gay couple and how there should be so much more of that across TV.

“People come up to us when we’re out and about. It doesn’t matter if they’re young or old, and that is so lovely to see.

“People come up to us when we’re on the beach and tell us they’ve been watching. It’s been a privilege to represent Northern Ireland.”

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