Mark Harmon To CBS: Shut Pauley Perrette Up Or I'll Sue! | Radar Online

You’d better rein in Pauley Perrette — or I’ll sue her!”

That was the shocking demand made by mega-star Mark Harmon in a conference call with CBS execs after he was publicly pummeled with abuse charges made by his former NCIS co-star Pauley, sources tell

“Mark told them he hasn’t hired a lawyer — yet, but is ready to take legal action if she continues to claim he assaulted and intimidated her!” said a source close to the 67-year-old.

Pauley, 50, charged Mark “body checked” her and pushed up against her on the set, according to snitches.

“Pauley has made it seem as if he got physical with her, which he insists he never did!” the source dished. “Mark feels the whole thing has gotten out of hand and wants CBS to do something before he is forced to!”

And while the network is set to launch Pauley’s new sitcom, “Broke,” this fall, Mark is by far the bigger star — and expects the network to support him!

“Mark is starting to have his PR people put out a positive story about him to counteract all the negative stuff,” spilled the source.

“But he’s still looking for meaningful backup from the network!”

Mark Harmon and CBS did not respond to our requests for comment.

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