Mark Labbett height in feet: How tall is The Beast on The Chase?

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Mark Labbett has been a part of popular quiz show The Chase since 2009 when the series first hit our screens. Mark is now one of six chasers who test the knowledge of the contestants on the show which is hosted by Bradley Walsh.

When the popular series first aired on TV, Mark and fellow chaser Shaun Wallace – also known as The Dark Destroyer – were the only quizzers on series.

Anne Hegerty (The Governess) later joined a year later with Paul Sinha (The Sinnerman) being added to the team in 2011.

Jenny Ryan became the fifth chaser on the series having previously written questions for the show in 2009.

The latest addition to the quizzing team is Darragh Ennis who is nicknamed The Menace.

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More than a decade on the show, Mark has since become a firm favourite of quizzing team.

Tonight he will appear on The Chase spin-off series Beat the Chaser.

The show sees Mark join forces his fellow quizzers as they go head to head with contestants from around the UK.

As Mark appears alongside his fellow chasers, what is their height difference?

How tall is The Beast on The Chase?

Mark stands tall at 2.01 metres which in feet means the star is just under 7ft at 6ft 7inches.

Mark is the tallest out of his fellow chasers with Shaun Wallace coming in as the second tallest at 6ft 3inches.

Their fellow chasers Jenny Ryan, Anne Hegerty, Paul Sinha and Darragh Ennis are all said to be 5ft 7inches which would mean they are a foot shorter than The Beast.

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As Mark is known on The Chase as The Beast, many fans may have assumed the name is in relation to his height.

However, the nickname is actually connected to Mark’s last name Labbett.

Labbett is similar to the French phrase la bête which can be translated to mean The Beast.

Mark has previously admitted he is a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race and that he would love to appear on a celebrity edition of the series.

Although talking of his height, he spoke of being the tallest on the show, saying: “I’d be fabulous.

“I’m six feet seven inches, so in heels, I’d be the world’s first seven-feet drag queen!”

While he has become for his height, Mark has also admitted it can sometimes cause him problems when it comes to driving.

He previously explained: “It didn’t used to be a problem with cars.

“Maybe I’ve become less flexible, but the last time I went looking to buy a car I really struggled to get in.”

Beat the Chasers will air tonight on ITV from 9pm.

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