Martin Roberts Homes Under The Hammer co-host Martel reaches out amid his health woes

Martin Roberts thanks fans for support following injury

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Martell Maxwell, 44, said she was relieved to hear Martin Roberts was feeling “better”, amid a worrying health issue. The Scottish presenter reached out to the Homes Under The Hammer veteran as he gave an update on his condition to his Twitter followers over the weekend.

Speaking on how he was feeling after his cellulitis had returned last week, Martin said in view of his 27,700 followers: “Apologies for not being in contact for a few days, unfortunately, it had taken this long for my foot to get anything like better.

“So I didn’t know what to say other than, ‘Ouch it is still hurting!’

“That’s not the message I wanted to give, so I wanted to say here on a Saturday morning, it’s finally feeling a bit better.

“But this goes to show that you need to take anything seriously.”

In response to his recovery, Martel typed: “SO GLAD YOU ARE BETTER.”

Martin previously revealed he was concerned he’ll be back in hospital if he’s not careful, following his recent trip due to cellulitis.

The broadcaster was rushed to hospital two weeks ago when his skin condition returned.

The infection can be serious if it’s not treated quickly, and can lead to sepsis.

Martin was originally released from the hospital after a few hours, but was forced to make a second trip due to complications.

The star now insists he is “on the mend” and is taking strong antibiotics along with enjoying a well-earned rest.

“It was a pretty rough couple of nights – I was back in A&E the following night, all night, with additional complications, but thankfully I was released to recover in our holiday caravan,” he told Metro Online.

However, Martin is still fearful that the condition will return.

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“It’s worrying that it is one of those things that I’m very prone to get again in the future if not extra careful,” he continued.

The star was left exasperated after his cellulitis “flared up again” and “spread to his other leg”.

The BBC star shared a painful-looking photo of his swollen foot as he attempted to get antibiotics, before being turned away by his local chemist.

Martin typed on Twitter: “Bl**dy cellulitis has flared up again and it’s spread to my other leg too.

“The chemists wouldn’t give me the antibiotics I’d been prescribed, despite seeing my leg, due to a ‘system error’ and no recognition of how serious this is.

“… So A&E for me,” he added sarcastically.

One fan remarked: “I get that occasionally. I find that compression helps ease the pain. Make sure it doesn’t turn to sepsis like mine does.”

The star admitted he was “worried” about the condition possibly developing into sepsis, which happens when the body has a life-threatening reaction to an infection.

Cellulitis is an infection caused by bacteria getting into the deeper layers of the skin.

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