Meghan Markle sparks backlash after alleged Wimbledon photo ban

Meghan Markle is under fire in regards to her appearance at Wimbledon last week, following a new claim that spectators were asked not to take her photo.

Media consult Sally Jones, who was seated in the same row as the Duchess of Sussex as she supported pal Serena Williams from the stands, told the UK’s Daily Telegraph that she was instructed by a royal protection officer to not take photos of Meghan, 37, as she was attending the tennis tournament “in a private capacity.”

“I told him it was bonkers and even if I had been trying to snap the Duchess I’d have got a blurry picture of her right ear,” Jones told the outlet, calling the ordeal “another example of silly control freakery.”

Jones also believed the officer was “quite embarrassed” by the alleged demand, noting, “He appeared a bit mystified as to why he was being asked to make such a request.”

“Apart from anything else, there were hundreds of people clicking away. I said to him; have you thought about having a word with any of those television cameras? He looked a little uncomfortable,” Jones also said.

According to a palace insider, however, a picture ban isn’t exactly unheard of.

“It’s not unusual for people accompanying members of the Royal Family at private, or public, events to ask members of the public not to take photographs. It is to enable members of the royal family to engage with people and events,” the source said.

Meghan and husband Prince Harry‘s quest for privacy has become a controversial topic in recent months, most notably after the birth of their 2-month-old son Archie.

On Saturday, the proud parents hosted a private baptism for their only child, later releasing two photos from the intimate event. They did not disclose who Archie’s godparents are.

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