Molly-Mae says she argues like cat and dog with Tommy Fury but insists he wont cheat

Love Island season five runner up couple Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury are going from strength to strength despite long periods apart.

Molly, 22, opened up on Steven Bartlett's Diary of a CEO podcast about hers and 22 year old Tommy's relationship.

She revealed that despite spending long periods apart due to their work schedules, Molly "trusts" Tommy and isn't worried about him being "around a load of girls".

She said: "We don't see each other for weeks on end at the moment.

"We've become really good at the long distance thing, I don't know why.

"One thing that I find so key in our relationship, and it's the most important thing in any relationship, is trust. We have complete and utter trust in one another."

"He could literally go away for weeks on end, and there's not a doubt in my mind that if he was to be around a load of girls, I could sleep peacefully at night knowing that he's for me and I'm for him, and that's that."

Since leaving the reality show, the influencer has known what she wanted and has built up a strong, successful personal brand.

During the podcast episode, Molly, who says she's had a lot of bad luck lately, spoke about her career, aspirations, and relationship with Tommy.

She went on to say: "We know we're going to be together forever, and we're excited for what the future holds for us.

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"All we ever talk about is like kids and marriage."

Despite their relationship potential, she did admit that it wasn't all smooth sailing and that they did "argue" frequently but always reconcile afterwards.

She concluded: "I'm not going to sit here and say we don't argue like cat and dogs. We definitely do. He drives me crazy and i feel like I'm his manager sometimes."

Diving into her work ethic and being an entrepreneur, Molly-Mae spoke about sacrificing friendships to get where you want to.

"It sounds savage but sometimes friends, they just – not cling on, but they don't add much," she said..

Now followed by 6.2 millions fans on Instagram, the young businesswoman left the villa in 2019 with 2 million followers and was offered £350,000 and a Range Rover to work with Missguided.

Showing her business backbone early on, the Hitchin-born contestant accepted a £500,000 deal with Pretty Little Thing.

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